7 Things Qualified Job Seekers Forget When Applying for Jobs

We get it; not getting a job can be seriously frustrating. But if you are ready to quit the blame and change your odds, we can help you by pointing out those things you always forget. And in turn, you have to promise to accept the mistakes and make appropriate changes in your next applications. Agreed?

In this post, we will outline and explain important tips job seekers forget when applying for jobs, despite being suitably qualified.

Here are the 7 Things Qualified Job Seekers Always Forget When Applying for Jobs

1. You Need to Tailor Your CV for that Specific Job

This does not mean you get a new professional CV. No. It means you make a few edits to the CV you are using, in order to effectively showcase your qualifications. Remember, recruiters take only a few seconds to evaluate your suitability for the role. If they can’t see how you match the job in question, you will not get the interview.

It is not about knowing you are qualified, it is about telling it on paper. So if the job requires you to have a Degree, make sure it’s easily visible. If it requires prior experience in manufacturing industry or other and impeccable analytical skills, let this be clear.

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2. You Must Carefully Read through the Job Description before Applying for Jobs

You are not the first to skim through a job description and you will not be the last. This happens a lot, where a job seeker goes straight to the requirements section to decide their suitability. It is one of the greatest causes of a failed job application. Why? When you do this, it becomes easy to miss out on important details of the job.

For instance, some recruiters prefer to describe the ideal candidate above the duties and responsibilities. If you were to go straight to qualifications and requirements, you would not see this information, and hence, miss out on the interview.

3. Interview Chances Get Better When You Have Direct Experience

This goes without saying. While transferable experience is important to some employers, most of them prefer hiring candidates with direct experience. It is a fact considered unfair by most job seekers, but nonetheless, it is still a fact and will affect your interview chances when applying for jobs.

To improve your chances for an interview, accept this fact and adhere to it.

4. The Job Opening is a Competition Where Only the Best Win

Almost every job seeker in Kenya is a victim of this. You forget that a job opening is actually a competition where only the best of the pack wins. There could be a tie, yes, but this is still considered a win at the job application stage.

When you always remember that an open position is a competition, you are able to bring your A-game. You are also able to pay attention to the three things mentioned above, look through a job application checklist, and use a third party to confirm your application is ready to send.

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5. You Can’t Assume Instructions Given and Expect to Land the Interview

Not following instructions is another common mistake that qualified job seekers make. You have all the qualifications and requirements mentioned in the job advert, but somehow, you forgot to pay attention to the guidelines at the very bottom.

Always remember that in every advert for a job opening, there is usually a How to Apply section where recruiters outline the job guidelines. They give directions on how to apply and include the email address to use, Subject Line and a disclaimer on when to expect a response. Make sure you pay attention to this particular information when applying for jobs.


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